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FAFC presents LITTLE WOMEN - Sat 12 Sept

Buzz and Woody have overcome some formidable challenges in their time - Evil Sid, being lost, Al McWhiggin, Zurg, being abandoned (again), Lotso the Bear and an incinerator. But they could not compete with the rain storms that persisted throughout the day last Saturday, and with the end of our season approaching fast, Toy Story 4 has unfortunately hit the wayside.

Little-women-photos-ss01Instead we look forward to Saturday, and the excellent Little Women. In the season preview I mentioned how I had somehow managed to previously avoid accumulating any knowledge of this classic piece of literature, neither on the written page or any TV or film adaptation. And despite my general coolness towards costume dramas, this did not stop me thoroughly enjoying this first time around.

DownloadOne thing I knew I would enjoy was Saoirse Ronan, who I firmly expect to become a major star as her movie career progresses. Previous movies like Lady Bird and Brooklyn are among my personal favorites over the last few years. One thing I did not realise I would appreciate so much was the excellent screenplay by Greta Gerwig (who also directed) which includes an interesting but effective non-linear timeline. I think the Oscar snub for not winning Best Adapted Screenplay was bigger than not receiving any directing nomination (although the award actually went to Taika Waititi for JoJo Rabbit, so there is that...).

Download (1)This last screening of the summer is also in aid of I Support the Girls . Many of you know (and have previously supported - thank you !) this charity for which Linda is the Affiliate Director for Central/South New Jersey, and she is in great need of additional supplies. We are asking you to bring, as a contribution for attending, new, unopened packs of pads, panty liners, tampons or new underwear. We are also accepting Amazon Gift Cards!!



So come and see out the summer with us on Saturday. Do a good deed. Keep on eye on the weather, as we are approaching mid-September, and don't forget to sign up.

Parents Guide on IMdB.

Parent Reviews on Commonsensemedia.org

Sign Up for the movie here.


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