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I Believe in Yesterday - Mostly.

FAFC presents - YESTERDAY - Sat 15 Aug

So, the big question facing me as I write this preview is - should I pack the preview with Beatles puns, or should I leave it to the review ? I thought about waiting till next week, then I thought 'No, You Can't Do That'.  So, here we go...

Yesterday-movie-1557038778Imagine there's no Beatles, it's easy if you try...(My God, this is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel !) In case you didn't know, the premise of this movie is that after some weird electrical storm, the world awakes with naery a jot of memory of the Fab Four ever existing. But not the whole world - Jack Malik, a struggling singer-songwriter appears to be the only one who remembers them and their amazing songbook which becomes his legacy, and his ticket to stardom. How will he use this gift ? With a little help from his friends, this boy carries that weight along the long and winding road until, Baby he's a rich man. Yet all he wants to do is get back to where he once belonged, or he's going to lose that girl - he needs help...phew ! (I could do this for hours !)

Beatles-inspired-film-yesterdayAs for the plot, there is one hole that needs fixing. The Beatles had their first UK chart hit in October 1962 (Love Me Do), and in April 1970 Paul McCartney walked away precipitating the end of the band. The Beatles star shone brightly for 7 years and 7 months - a staggeringly short amount of time for the impact their music had on the world. Yet Jack is able to recall so many of their songs, and all the lyrics from his head, since he is unable to Google the lyrics on the internet. Isn't that ridiculous ? I mean, would you or I know all the lyrics to any Beatles song that suddenly came on the radio ?  Do you want to know a secret ? I think we would.

Come and find out on Saturday evening. Social distancing in place, we're still starting closer to 8.30pm because of the light.

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