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FAFC presents - EMMA - Sat 18 Jul
JoJo puts away childish things...

FAFC presents - JOJO RABBIT - Sat 1 Aug

You may have noticed that I haven’t written a separate review of last week’s movie, EMMA. The more time passes from that viewing, the less I remember about it, which kind of sums it up. I do recall laughing at some points, and being entertained, like a Sunday night viewing of some English costume drama on PBS Masterpiece. But there was nothing that really stuck in my brain. It felt like eating cotton candy - sweet, tasty, light and dissolves to nothing once you’ve consumed it. Jane Austen is obviously a significant and talented author, and this is regarded as one of her lighter pieces, but still…

17abacb1-3abd-4584-b266-6cfb6fd1e29a-large16x9_jojo1200We have MUCH weightier things to consider with this week’s offering. In its simplest synopsis, JOJO RABBIT is the story of a young boy in WW2 Germany who not only joins the Hitler Youth, but has Adolf Hitler as his imaginary friend. If you are not immediately put off by that description, you are probably savvy enough to realize that symbolism and satire play a significant part in the story. But there are two things you need to know before you take against a satirical treatment of such a historical monster.

049Firstly, the satire is not in your face, unsubtle and preachy. There are lessons to be learned, but we learn them as Jojo does, gradually through his experiences. Not all those experiences are comic, which makes the lessons more powerful.

Secondly, the satire is not the primary source of the humour here. The movie does not depend on the smug laughter of knowingness for its laughs. It is genuinely, laugh-out-loud funny. No, hilarious. If you are not uncomfortable with the thought of laughing at Hitler and his Nazis, you will LOVE this. In my birthday watching last year, we saw a lot of great movies. OUATIH was perhaps the smartest, Little Women was the best crafted, but JOJO RABBIT was easily my absolute favourite.

Please don’t miss this treat.

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