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Summer 2020 - The Magnificent Seven !

Summer 2020 - A Word From Your Sponsor (Seriously...)

We’re excited to get going with another season of Folly Avenue Film Club, but before we get to discuss the films for our truncated 2020 season, we need to have a serous word about the viewing arrangements for this summer, given the situation with COVID-19.

Since measures were put in place to combat the pandemic, we have been very cautious about human interaction, we have striven to protect ourselves and others as best we can, and have watched news reports of protests, hoax claims and worse in disbelief. Regardless of your views, the numbers speak for themselves and we believe our caution is merited.

We have also come to realise that not only does each person have to take personal responsibility for their own protection, but that everyone’s level of comfort in a social situation may be different, and should be respected. We know that, regardless of what we do, some people will be too uncomfortable to sit in our yard with others and watch movies. Others will be wondering what all the fuss is about, now that the measures are beginning to lift.

Our position is this:

  • We respect that everyone has their own beliefs about the pandemic measures, and we therefore expect everyone will respect ours.
  • We believe that in order to make your own decision about personal safety, you need to be informed about what to expect.

Therefore, to that end we have put together a list of ‘rules’ - rules that will, for this summer at least, supersede ‘Da Rules’ which were written back in 2009 and which have been usurped to some extent by common practice over the years.

For Summer 2020…

  1. EVERYONE will need to pre-register for movies through Eventbrite. This has always been a pretty essential thing, not just to predict numbers but also to help with inclement weather warnings etc. This summer we need to know who is coming so that our distancing measures will be appropriate.
  2. Wherever you park your car, please enter the yard from the Darrow Drive side. We will be able to create walking passages to maintain distances if everyone does this.
  3. Please bring your own chairs, blankets etc, and bring food and beverages only for yourselves. We will not be providing any food, not even popcorn, nor will we be setting up a communal food station. Although we appreciate how impromptu snack sharing developed over the years , we ask you not to bring cookies, chips etc for others this summer.
  4. No-one will be permitted in our house. Sorry. Not even for the bathroom. Please go before you come.
  5. We will mark out ‘socially distant’ viewing spots - six feet diameter circles - for your safety.

If you have other suggestions, feel free to share them with us. About the social distancing of course, not the movies. That’s our thing…


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