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FAFC presents - ROCKETMAN - Sat 7th September

MPS.1922.Film_11 years, and we’re still standing ! We come to the final movie of our 11th summer season, and what a cracker it should be ! I can’t remember having heard quite so much interest expressed in one of our movies for a long time - if ever. I’m wondering if it is because it is very recent (it was only released on DVD last week) and so many people haven’t got round to seeing it yet. Linda and I avoided seeing it because of our own screening, so we’re just as excited !

I have heard that Rocketman is not a simple bio-pic like Bohemian Rhapsody, but more of a blend of biography and musical theatre, using Elton’s songs as set piece interludes along the biographical narrative. I like the idea of that - it certainly sounds more creative than Mamma Mia 2, where the storyline winds tortuously around to fit the lyrics of a number of lesser known Abba songs (or even ends up in a Paris cafe for no other reason than to feature Waterloo). I asked myself what was the point of 438C05DB00000578-4822908-Dancing_Queen_Lily_James_slips_her_sensational_frame_into_a_psyc-a-56_1503659258957Mamma Mia 2, and the only sensible answer was money. It certainly wasn’t to get people to sing along with the hits.  I’m sure it was very successful at the box office, the actors who should know better (Stellan Skarsgård, Colin Firth - I'm looking at you two) got a cheap summer vacation for a few weeks in the eastern Mediterranean, and only Meryl Streep was smart enough not to sign up at the outset for a two-movie deal. My best moment was when Cher, the bride’s showbiz grandmother, spots an old flame across the courtyard and calls out his name - “FERNANDO !” . How we laughed at that tired contrivance.    


Anyway, we’re hugely looking forward to this Saturday. Please note that, given the interest, we will likely move the screen back out onto the grass, and we won’t be able to guarantee a seat for everyone like we can on the party patio. So come prepared with your garden chairs. Otherwise you will be the ones still standing !


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