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FAFC presents - THE FAVOURITE - Sat 27th July

There are two things worth knowing about Saturday's offering.

When Linda described this movie as 'avant-garde' in the Facebook event, she was trying to be polite about the filmmaker, Yorgos Lanthimos. We had previously seen two of his films, The Lobster and The Killing Of A Sacred Deer. Both extremely well regarded, they are however best-described as surreal, and are not everyone's cup of tea. When we went to see The Favourite during my birthday bash, Linda was alarmed when she realised that the director of the film she had been so looking forward to seeing had also come up with the story of a man who is escorted to a hotel where he has 45 days to find a new romantic partner, or else he will be turned into his favourite animal (and that is the sanest part of The Lobster's plot !).

FavouritequeenLuckily, The Favourite is probably Lanthimos' most fathomable film to date, has three great actresses at its heart who all deliver stellar performances and, despite some absurdist touches, most of the plot is based in historical fact. 

Secondly, Olivia Colman. Just that. An outstanding actress, a national treasure to us Brits, and the kind of person you want to watch in a Hollywood movie and then go with them to the pub for a pint. If you haven't seen her in the UK version of Broadchurch (not the execrable Fox remake called Gracepoint - ugh!) then you should. She is marvellous in this, and deservedly won the Best Actress Oscar. Did you notice how much Linda and I love her as an actress...?

FavouritedanceAnyway, according to the critics, The Favourite is "a period piece [of] caustic comeuppance comedy with fangs and claws… It's a bawdy, brilliant triumph" and "You might not actually want to live in Yorgos Lanthimos' sticky tar pit of palace intrigue—a place where Olivia Colman's batty Queen can't trust anyone beyond her pet rabbits, and Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone treat loyalty like a blood sport—but God it's fun as hell to visit." 

It's not so weird, but it IS really funny. Please join us on Saturday night.

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