FAFC presents - GREEN BOOK - Saturday 15th June
Weather Update - 4pm

FAFC presents - BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY - Sat 29th June

Borap ramimalekAfter the great turn-out for Green Book two weeks ago, we are expecting another big crowd on Saturday for the much-lauded Queen bio-pic. In the cinema, this movie was very successful and, of course, Rami Malek gained many accolades for his portrayal of the singularly exceptional Freddie Mercury. I still think that the bar is not set very high for real-life impersonations, and a distinctive set of prosthetic teeth will take you a long way there…

However having said that, the movie delivers on its promise of feel-goodness, perhaps the story is a little familiar but all the more enjoyable for that, and the performance scenes are very good.

Remember, the show must go on. Please join us for a bit of a sing-song on Saturday. We guarantee we will rock you !

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