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FAFC presents - A STAR IS BORN - Saturday 1st June

FAFC 2019 - A Little Night Music !

Here we go again ! Our eleventh summer season of backyard movies, and we have unashamedly settled into a routine which makes a nonsense of the great annual debate - "What is the theme for this summer's movies ?" Linda and I literally just picked 8 movies which we thought would make a good season, and then shoe-horned a tag line on top of them. Quite coincidentally, seven of this years movies have either a direct or loose musical connection, and as the eighth is both literally and symbolically very dark, we came up with - "A Little Night Music". Here is the list for your edification.



  A STAR IS BORN – A straight forward musical offering to open our season. I believe the critical reaction to this movie suffered because of the big name/Lady Gaga/commercial hype circus that surrounded it. It is a very powerful remake of a familiar story, with great songs, and two intensely good central performances. Bradley Cooper should feel hard done by for his paltry return in awards season.
MV5BYzIzYmJlYTYtNGNiYy00N2EwLTk4ZjItMGYyZTJiOTVkM2RlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODY1NDk1NjE@._V1_   GREEN BOOK – On my birthday film marathon, this took the prize as best film of the day, so I was not sorry to see it get the Best Film Oscar. It would be very easy to assume this is a familiar or predictable story about overcoming racial prejudice, but the threads are much more complicated and go so much deeper than that simplistic narrative.


  BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY – I was a little underwhelmed by this, particularly the slightly comic-book style of the biographic detail. And I have written previously about how biopic performances of idiosyncratic characters attract disproportionate praise. However, Rami Malek does a great (if not Oscar worthy) job of portraying Freddie and the concert numbers are terrific.


  MARY POPPINS RETURNS – Family Film night in July brings us the familiar story of Mary Poppins, but with Emily Blunt and - as I gather from the trailers - a rather strangulated 'posh' english accent. It will have to go a long way to live up to the original and the simply vast array of excellent, familiar Sherman Brothers songs.
268x0w   THE FAVOURITE – Linda's favorite film from last year, featuring our own National Treasure, the irrepressible Olivia Coleman. Having seen several of Yorgos Lanthimos' surreal and somewhat difficult movies (The Lobster, Killing Of A Sacred Deer), it was a relief that this was relatively 'normal' and very engaging. The three female leads are all excellent, and Olivia's Best Actress Oscar was well-deserved.
0191329071663_p0_v1_s550x406   BLACKKKLANSMAN – This movie was picked because we really should have seen it, but we haven't yet. So I don't have too many comments, except to say that the premise is one of the weirdest real-life stories I could imagine (Black policeman goes undercover to infiltrate the KKK !) and I can't wait to see how that works in practice.
713hnJkA8iL._SY679_   MAMMA MIA ! HERE WE GO AGAIN – So...there is a significant backstory to this. In our very first season, we tried to show the original Mamma Mia on several occasions, only to be thwarted time and time again by the weather. Ironic for a movie set on an idyllic greek island in the Mediterranean... Do not be surprised if the gods prevent us from redeeming ourselves, by bringing in a sudden downpour. After all, I hear the sequel is pretty much the same story as the first one !
MV5BMTY0MzUwODc4N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjMyMjY0NzM@._V1_UX182_CR0 0 182 268_AL_   ROCKETMAN – Nothing to say about this, except that we are crossing our fingers, hoping that this is out on DVD in time for our presentation... It's not in the cinemas yet, and at the time of writing, it is not even rated. However, the trailers suggest that Taron Egerton does an excellent job performing Elton's songs, making Rami Malik look a bit feeble by comparison.


So there you have it. Starting on 1st June, the best season ever - again ! Keep watching the page for more updates, and I will also be trying to write more often about other movie subjects as we go through the summer (a promise I have made before and been hopelessly unsuccessful in keeping...). 





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