FAFC presents - A STAR IS BORN - Saturday 1st June
A little taster for the season

And it was all going so well...

It was too. Day Three, and we had both been very busy. I had replaced all the bent poles on the screen frame, got everything straight and level, and had spray painted all the tubes a rather fetching matt black.  Linda had a great idea for a new projector platform for our revised screening arrangement (you will be pleased !), and she had found a free wooden stepladder as the basis, which we had picked up that morning. I had designed a new structure for the black framing around the screen itself, and had just built the first element with which I was rather pleased. In my head I was even planning this blog post, which would be about the rejuvenation of our cinematic set-up, and Linda was taking pictures for me.

IMG_1956 IMG_1982 IMG_1970 IMG_1976

Image2I do want to say a bit of a general thank you to everyone who has ever dropped a dollar or two in our contribution jar on a Saturday night. It may not be obvious during the season, but we use this money and the little bit of profit we make from the cinema candy we sell to fund our new season upgrades. This year I did not anticipate replacing the screen, but a combination of inadequate winterizing and clumsy lawn service dudes necessitated it.  So consider yourself thanked - we’re always grateful.

I was just fitting this brand new screen, using my brand new bungee cords when - TWANG !  No it wasn’t one of the cords, it was my back. Like a guitar string snapping with a demonic off-key jangle, my back threw me into a realm of jarring pain and frustrating immobility. I have had back issues before, but mostly before we moved to America. This was (still is) almost the worst I’ve suffered, and I have so much to get done this week. We’ll plough on through, and we will have a show on Saturday, but it might not be as polished as we had hoped it would be.


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Oh no!! Chris I’m so sorry. Let us know if we can help. Hot showers, heating pad and Advil.. you poor guy... need set up help? Give a shout ❤️Claire and the boys

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