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FAFC presents I, TONYA – Sat 16th June

The Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan media blitz was not a huge event in the UK, so everything I know about the historical background to this story has been absorbed through popular media mentions after the fact. Which, as I understand it, makes for an interesting context through which to approach this movie.

Apparently, by allowing the characters to explain their actions to the viewers through the fourth wall, the writers challenge us to question what version of the truth we should accept. Interesting, given that the ways in which we come to learn about people – particularly celebrities – are mostly through media where objective truth is often a long way down the list of priorities. In this movie, everyone has their own version of their personal truth, and we get the chance to see several of these versions, and decide for ourselves what makes sense to us.

I know that Tonya Harding has developed a reputation as a bad apple, and I don’t know how far this movie goes to offer redemption to that reputation. I do know that it promises to be stimulating, and I also know that Allison Janney – one of my favorite actresses who plays Tonya’s mother, LaVona - won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, narrowly beating out the pet bird who sits on her shoulder for much of the movie.

As the longest day is fast approaching, we do not expect to start our presentation much before 8.30 due to the light. Please join us for what should be a thought provoking movie.

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