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The Prince of Humbug

FAFC presents THE GREATEST SHOWMAN - Sat 2nd June

Roll up, Roll up ! The countdown has begun ! Just one more week until the curtain goes up on our new season, with all the razzamatazz of the circus. The Greatest Showman is a musical biopic of P.T. Barnum, probably the first - and certainly one of the most outrageous - showman of the modern era. Barnum is often described rather politely using terms like ‘larger than life’ and ‘mesmerizing’, though his name has also been used for a psychological phenomenon called ‘The Barnum Effect’, used to con people into believing in false supernatural claims.

One man’s showman might be another man’s conman, but here the shadyness is sanitized, and the story is mostly heroic - of dreams, ambitions, love and overcoming all the odds – all set to soaring tunes and acrobatic dance moves.

Having seen this on my birthday adventure and formed a view, I will reserve my full opinion until the review, and after a second viewing. I do remember being impressed with the musical elements, and the song ‘This Is Me’ was my choice for Best Original song at the Oscars. I’m sure if you love musical theater, you will really enjoy this.

On a separate note, those returning for yet another year will hopefully be surprised and hopefully excited to see our remodeled backyard. We’re really pleased with how it looks, and the number of variations it offers for showing the movies as well as our wide open yard.

Look for more movie posts this summer than normal on this blog, and please join us on Saturday 2nd June for The Greatest Showman !

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We're looking forward to the season-opener! Wishing you good weekend weather this year... Eric & I plan to be there & will be bringing our friend Marianne, who is staying at the farm this summer. (My mom will probably remain as she needs subtitles.) Cheers from Chriss @ Wargo Road

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