Looking Back...Again
Announcing FAFC 2018 - The Game of Themes !

Looking Back...Again (2)

Now that the 2018 fridge magnets have arrived (and they look great !), I’m anxious to announce our summer program. But there are still a number of years to revisit in our stroll down memory lane. So this is going to be a bumper edition of ‘The Way We Were’ with some pictures thrown in for good measure.

Back in 2010, we attempted our first fully thematic season of Sports, rather than simply picking a genre. Trailers and fridge magnets were still some way in the future, and we struggled badly with the weather. The special screening of Happy Feet - namely the green-tinged and cracked Antarctic landscape - convinced me that we needed a new projector. But the undoubted ‘high’ point (chuckle!) was my introduction to that American classic Caddyshack. Much loved by so many, I honestly and objectively judged it to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Read my apologia here.

2012 was the first year of the season trailer. Using Microsoft MovieMaker and some low resolution film clips, I drove Thomas (and to some extent myself) insane with the constant repetition of Sinatra’s ‘Come Fly With Me’ as I strove to get the opening sequence correct.  However I was particularly proud of the Pearl and Dean-like FAFC animation I created. So proud, I never used it again...

The season had some particularly good movies, including Up In The Air and the excellent Midnight in Paris, but was also blighted by the weather, causing us to cancel half of the program. A special award went to the memorable dish Roe and Kelsey brought for The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.


2013 was the year we discovered how to program the season. With so many great recent movies to choose from, the theme of Movies about Movies picked itself. We were able to include many recent Oscar winners, including The Artist, Argo, Hugo and My Week with Marilyn, as well as Linda’s special choice, Les Miserables. Surprisingly for a season about movies, I did not produce my own movie trailer…

In 2014 we struggled to find enough choices to complete the theme of Colours, as evidenced by our stretching of the colors concept to include ‘sunshine’ and ‘dark’. The very fine Blue Jasmine opened the season and was probably the best movie of the summer, although both The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Silver Linings Playbook were also well received, as were Laurie’s Crabby Snacks as accompaniment to the latter. I was also inspired to produce the longest trailer ever…

Its nice to look back over the years, from our very humble origins to where we are ten years later, and be proud of what we achieved. For example, the evolution of our screen from lashed together door trim to the cinema-like offering of today.

As previously mentioned, the tradition of bringing food along really began in 2011 with our Food, Glorious Food season. The highpoint of that season was the pie contest for Waitress. We really do not expect people to bring food, but it is always welcome. Many thanks.

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So we will go on making memories for at least one more summer. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, our regulars and the not so regulars, everyone who has ever helped make popcorn, or stacked chairs at the end of the evening. And with a breath of excitement, I will tell you that I intend to publish this year's program over the weekend. And Linda and I think this year, fittingly, has the best line-up of our ten year history !!


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You sure know how to build up the suspense! Looking forward to the “reveal” this weekend.

Congrats on 10 years! So happy to be invited even if the devil spawn at home prevent me from attending many evenings. I'm always excited to see the trailers and themes. I love reading the thoughtful and insightful articles Chris puts up. I thoroughly agree about Caddy Shack as well. Complete garbage. Not funny. At all.

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