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FAFC presents THE GREATEST SHOWMAN - Sat 2nd June

Announcing FAFC 2018 - The Game of Themes !

So finally, after a steady flow of hints and clues, the time has come to announce the theme for our 10th Anniversary season, and with it the movies we are showing this year. There was actually a good reason for having our little detour down memory lane. It wasn't just an indulgent self-congratulation, but a timely reminder of the various themes we have chosen over the years - precisely because those themes provide the inspiration for this year's program. To celebrate our tenth season, we have picked one new, previously unscreened movie to fit each of the previous nine themes - that's one musical, one travel, one food...etc, etc...you get the picture. When we thought about it, it seemed a very fitting way to celebrate ten years, and then when we picked the movies we realised it allowed us to provide what is without doubt the best line-up we've ever had (with only one slight bit of artistic license to fit the theme...)



  THE GREATEST SHOWMAN – I always defer to Linda on the subject of musicals, and given her HUGE crush on Hugh Jackman, this was an inevitable choice for this category. We saw this on my birthday bash, and although I thought it was a little forced, I can see this being a staple of amateur dramatics for many years to come, and I honestly thought the 'This Is Me' should have won the Oscar for Best Song. Great singing, great dancing and a typical musical theatre book, this is a very worthy start to our season.



  I, TONYA – So this is potentially a very divisive choice, since I understand that there is still a lot of resentment for Tonya Harding out there. But by all accounts this is as much an exploration on the nature of truth in a media age (hugely relevant in this day and age !) as it is about ice skating and crowbars. And of course, not only was Margot Robbie nominated for Best Actress, but the wonderful Allison Janney, took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.



  BABY DRIVER – Choosing my words carefully, I announce that this was my favorite movie of 2018. Whilst I accept 3 Billboards and others were probably better movies cinematically, I got the biggest smile on my face from this one, and have already seen it twice. I can honestly say I have never seen a movie with a better use of soundtrack songs integrated into the action, only Moulin Rouge comes close and that was a straight up musical. I can't wait to share this with you. Whatever you do, don't arrive late and miss the stunning opening credits. 



  COCO – So this is our stretch theme (Food - Coco - geddit ?) This will be a special evening, as we are showing this on Sunday 8th July. We will have family and friends from England staying with us, AND we will make this our Family Night Special and will do something with ice cream for the kids. Oh, and of course this won Oscars for Best Animated Movie and Best Song. Not a bad choice, and worth the sleight of theme...



  FILM STARS DON'T DIE IN LIVERPOOL – Probably the least well known of our season, this is the true story of actress Gloria Grahame, and her last days living through her illness with her ex-lover and his family in Liverpool. Starring Annette Bening and Jamie Bell in the main roles, the movie has a host of important English actors, including Vanessa Redgrave and Julie Walters. If you don't know the intriguing story of Grahame's life and death, this should be a very interesting watch.



  RED SPARROW – I love Jennifer Lawrence, and will watch her in anything. Apparently, in this movie we get to see a lot more of Jennifer than we have ever seen before. There has been some controversy about the sexually exploitative nature of the plot, particularly in light of the growing #MeToo movement.  But the New York Times film critic describes the movie as "preposterously entertaining" and says of Jennifer "like all great stars, [Lawrence] can slip into a role as if sliding into another skin, unburdened by hesitation or self-doubt."



  DARKEST HOUR – So, decision time - which Dunkirk bio-pic movie to show ? We went for The Darkest Hour - partly because Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk deserves to be seen on a huge IMAX screen with a super duper sound system, not through a conference room projector - but mainly because having seen this on my birthday bash, we both thought Gary Oldman's performance was outstanding, and not just because of the prosthetic makeup. Character driven rather than action driven, this does a great job of generating the fear and tension that must have been prevalent in England at one of our darkest moments.



  LADY BIRD – So if 3 Billboards was my 'best' movie of 2018, and Baby Driver was my 'favourite' movie of the year, this fits squarely between the two. I really enjoyed everything about this, especially the relationship between Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalfe's mother and daughter, but above all, Ronan's performance is outstanding. And while I hoped beyond hope that she would get the Oscar, we all knew it would be Frances McDormand's year. After this, and her performance in Brooklyn, its only a matter of time before she gets the reward she deserves.



  THE SHAPE OF WATER – And we finish the summer with the Best Movie winner of 2018. I have to admit, I was a little underwhelmed by this on first showing, but I am looking forward to another viewing, where I can concentrate on the cinematic quality rather than the story. To my understanding, while it is still fantastical, the story is more mainstream than most Del Toro movies, and is rightly described as mesmerizing. It also stars Michael Shannon as the baddie, who is on my list of 'actors who must be watched in everything they do'.


So there you have it. Starting on 2nd June, the best season ever ! Keep watching the page for more updates, and I will also be trying to write more often about other movie subjects as we go through the summer (a promise I have made before and been hopelessly unsuccessful in keeping...).





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