Stormy weather ahead...
Weather watch for The Light Between Oceans tonight...

FAFC presents THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS - Sat 1st July (and some words about Promised Land...)

With the rain delays, the movies are coming thick and fast. So fast, I am struggling to get into the preview/review/preview cycle with only 6 days between movies.

ImagesLast week, Promised Land seemed to me to contain a little unfulfilled promise. Like so many previous movies we’ve shown, particularly the sports ones, this movie wasn’t about its ostensive subject matter. Like Invictus was not about rugby but national reconstruction, and Bend it Like Beckham was not about soccer, but cultural emancipation, Promised Land was not about fracking. It was about the loss of innocence, nostalgia for the good old days and self-discovery. The story was engaging enough, though the HUGE plot twist was somewhat far-fetched. My main takeaway were the unconvincing nature of Matt Damon’s character, and his conversion. This so-called powerful executive who had just landed a mega-job with his devious energy multi-national was completely thrown off his game and floundered when confronted by a High School science teacher. He then went on to be charmed by the life of this small town and it’s ‘salt of the earth’ people – which was supposedly just the same as the multiple other towns he had previously worked on to build his corporate reputation. This meant that the arrival of the denouement is anticlimactic and just a little confusing. I also had a problem with a crucial hole in that plot twist that went a long way to spoiling the entire premise for me. Ask me about it next time you see me.

AaTheLightBetweenOceans_main-imageThis week, we have The Light Between Oceans, a period piece which promises to be a three-Kleenex number. A hunky, Teutonic couple (Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender) living in a lighthouse find a baby floating out at sea in a lifeboat and raise the child as their own, until…

Please join us on Saturday evening (1st July) for the movie. We are at the height of summer now, so we are starting a little bit later due to the light. We will be setting up around 7.30pm, but will not start the movie till after 8.30pm.

See you there !


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