Da Rules...

The Beginning...

Back in the early days of our marriage, before we had to worry about babysitters, Linda and I got together with some like-minded friends to watch movies. We wanted to choose films which we loved, or which we thought we would love to see, if we hadn't already seen them. We had some esoteric choices in those early days ('Howard and Maude' was one of Russell's favourite films), but our little film club, based in Folly Avenue, St Albans, UK, and with only six members, ran for at least two seasons before Linda became pregnant and could no longer stay awake to watch two feature length movies in one evening.

Fast forward. 13 years later, here we are in Hopewell, New Jersey, with a wonderful yard to share on balmy summer evenings. What better thing to do than build a large screen out of an old sheet, find a second-hand laptop projector and an unused guitar ampifier, and launch an open-air movie season in our back-yard !

Our intention is to do nothing more than have a regular but informal social occasion, based around watching movies, and our recent practice run ('Wall-E') confirmed there is something magical about watching movies in the open air.

If you're reading this, then you must have been directed here by an invitation of some sort, and you are therefore invited to come along. It's not a wide-open, public event, but feel free to bring friends and family members without overwhelming us.

We will try and have a summer season every year, we will try and have a theme for each season, and we will try and encourage and (maybe even) listen to suggestions. Please join us on Saturday 13th June for the grand opening of the Folly Avenue Film Club.


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