The Beginning...
Da Program...

Da Rules...

We're sure (because we're arrogant) that a lot of people are going to say "What a great idea !". We're confident that people will say "I'd love to come" but then we're positive that people are going to say "Well, how does it work ?" So, for the avoidance of doubt, here is how our little film club works.

  1. There is no charge. We are inviting you to join us for a social gathering. We might give you the opportunity to help with refreshments from time to time, but this is not a big production (I mean, I made the original screen out of four bits of door molding and an old bedsheet). Most importantly, if there is no charge then you can't complain and ask for your money back, can you ?
  2. As I said, No complaining.
  3. This is a film club, not a houseparty. Whilst we will allow you to use the bathrooms, we do not expect bored kids to take refuge in the basement with the Xbox 360, so if you bring your kids, please set the right expectation with them.
  4. Bring your own chairs, blankets, coolers, picnic tables, whatever you need to feel comfortable. Lord knows our yard is big enough to accommodate. And we have a really cool popcorn machine (with free popcorn !). Oh, and bring bug spray - you'll need it.
  5. Do please tell us in advance if you are coming. We want to know how many to expect, so we can set the screen up accordingly, and we can let you know if there is a change of plan or weather problems. (We also think it's nice to reply if you're not coming...if you get fed up with receiving invites, we'll gladly take you off our lists)
  6. All films start around 8.30pm. We have tested our facilities, and this is the earliest we can start to get a decent picture, whilst still ending at a reasonable hour. Time (and movies) wait for no man.
  7. Don't bother parking on our drive. Park on Darrow Drive alongside our house, and come through the gap in the trees (2013 Update - thanks to Superstorm Sandy and other environmental issues, there is no longer a 'gap in the trees' because there are no trees). Follow the sound of movie soundtracks and look for the big white screen.
  8. Not all our movies are family-friendly. We publish the theatrical rating and provide parental reviews for you to check. Also, check the duration beforehand. A movie which runs 150 minutes will not finish before 11pm.

We hope you don't think we're being officious. We believe that things go more smoothly when people know what to expect, and this might turn into a kind of military-type operation with little margin for error !


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