Da Rules...
Mamma Mia - Sat 13th Jun - 8.30pm

Da Program...

Announcing...the first season of the Folly Avenue Film Club, here in deepest, darkest New Jersey.

The theme for our first season is "Our Favourite Musicals" - we're unashamed about this - it's our film club so we get to decide.

Sat June 13th Mamma Mia (Family) 108 Minutes
Sat June 27th The Blues Brothers (Adult) 133 Minutes
Sat July 4th Singin' In the Rain (Family) 103 Minutes
Sat July 18th Chicago (Adult) 113 Minutes
Sat August 1st

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory  UPDATE  

(Family) 89 Minutes
Sat August 15th Moulin Rouge (Adult) 127 Minutes
Sat August 29th To Be Announced...

We're looking for great suggestions for a movie finale. It needs to be an enjoyable modern musical, family-friendly and in keeping with the mood of our film club. There will probably be some kind of reward for the best suggestion, but the hope is that there will be a prolonged and hearty debate both at movie nights and here on the blog.


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Ok I'm kicking off lively debate:

Sound of Music (It's LONG but maybe you can start earlier later in the summer? And we can Sing-A-Long)

Mary Poppins (I have a Julie Andrews problem..so?)

Grease (sing a long of course)

Wizard of Oz (I actually loathe this movie but I think it would be quite popular)

Meet me in St. Louis

Top Hat

Really anything with Fred Astaire


I could go on...debate away.

I sorta agree with Kate about The Wizard of Oz...and any of her other choices are good, but how about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory or My Fair Lady?? Willy Wonka would be a great family film!

You would have big fans here if you showed Mary Poppins or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder one, not the Johnny Depp one). What about Enchanted or Ella Enchanted? Neither are "musicals" but both have some wonderful musical numbers.

Sorry - I should have chimed in before now on this thread...

It's difficult to work out what the 'right' movie is - I wanted the choices to be accessible, but still quite cool (which I actually thinks discounts Wizard of Oz, unless we do a special Gay Night). TSOM would be cool in an anti-cool, kitschy sort of way - a bit like Mamma Mia - and Linda is really behind it...

I think Willie Wonka would be good but like most parents with young kids, I've probably seen it too many times (along with Mary Poppins, all the Disney movies etc...)

I'm not sure we've found the right one yet.

What about a more classic musical, e.g., The Music Man, Hello Dolly, Meet Me in St. Louis, etc.?

Great idea, guys ... As a native Chicagoan I'm especially proud of the Blues Brothers selection. (You should consider it a good thing that we have a conflict on the 27th because if we were there, I'd be reciting every line and getting smacked on the head repeatedly by my lovely wife. Not that enjoyable for all concerned.) I look forward to your review, Chris ...

STOP PRESS - We have a new, secret front runner - not mentioned yet, which is shocking, since it is one of my wife's all time favourite movies, she has two or three of the associated albums, it's old enough for its naffness to now be kitsch, and Linda's claim to fame is she once met Lee Curerri...

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